Bases and Weights

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  • “V” Base for Car

    The “V” base for tire is used for outdoor promotions. Created to be installed under a vehicle tire, this base allows to display and secures your flags in any location where your events take place.

  • Interior Chrome Cross Base

    The chromed cross base is designed for indoor use only. Lightweight and practical to use, it is perfect for your exhibition hall, the entrance to a shopping center or to make the reception of a building dynamic.

  • Interior/Exterior Cross Base

    The black cross base is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. In addition to providing remarkable stability to your flag, this base is the most popular. Foldable for a more convenient transport.

  • Lawn Peak

    The stake is the ideal flag base to install your flag into the ground, either in soil, grass or sand.

  • Rubber Weighing for Tent

    Rubber Weighing to stabilize the feet of your tent. The dimensions are 21″ x 27″ x 2″ and the weight is 30 pounds each. This product was created including a handle in the shape to facilitate the carrying.

  • Sand Bag

    Black fabric bag, square shape, designed to act as a weight on a flag base, which offers a 45lb weight when filled with sand. It is advisable to position the zipper upwards to prevent the sand from escaping.

    Dimensions: 22.5″Wx25.5″Dx4″H.

  • Square Base

    The black square base is suitable for indoor use. It can sometimes be used outdoors on hard, level ground; like asphalt or cement for example. On the other hand, if it is placed outside, it is advisable to add a weight to stabilize the flag and prevent it from tilting due to the wind.

  • Water Bag

    Bag made of plastic membrane, light gray in color, which weighs 20lbs when filled with water. For outdoor use in winter, it is advisable to fill the water bag with antifreeze to prevent it from freezing in the cold.

    Dimensions: 21.5″Wx21.5″Dx4″H.