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  • AluLight

    AluLight fabric light boxes feature durable aluminum extrusion frames, push-fit backlit fabric graphics and LED top and bottom lighting. Single and double-sided graphic options are available. LED lights come adhered to the frame making set-up as simple as assembling the frame, applying the push-fit graphics and plugging in the electrical cord!

  • Stretch-O-Cadre P-T-120

    A lightbox for various uses with canvas printed on one side only or on both sides, available in various sizes and in three colors. A sure value for those who appreciate variety.

    *Suspension wires or stabilizing feet not included.

  • Stretch-O-Cadre P-T-55

    The frame of this model made from a 55 mm (2.17″) aluminum extrusion includes an integrated “backlite” type lighting. The canvas printed on fabric by sublimation is mounted with a silicone rod and can be replaced at will and at a reasonable cost.