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  • Pop up Display

    Since many years, this large format display solution is ideal for trade fairs and exhibit booths. The structure and canvas can be quickly deployed and installed by a single person in just a few minutes. This display is light and compact and can be easily stored in the carrying bag.

  • Pop up Light

    lluminated display wall available in one-sided or two-sided display. Product including four (4) LED curtains for single-sided display and eight (8) LED curtains for double-sided display.

    The carrying bag for the structure and the canvases is included. Each LED curtain is supplied in an individual fabric bag. Carrying bag to group the LED curtains sold separately.

    Dimensions of the structure: 117.375″Lx12.81″P×88.375″H.

    • Option 1 : Illuminated – One sided
    • Option 2 : Illuminated – Two sided
    • Option 3 : Not illuminated – One sided
    • Option 4 : Not illuminated – Two sided